Wednesday, 26 October 2016

How to change your Google Chrome theme

Theme is a way of beautifying the look of your Google environment. Theme gives it a beautiful look that makes it very attractive, entertaining and lovely looking.
Procedures to follow:
1.    Open your Google chrome browser; go to your computer and click to load your chrome
2.    To the Google chrome theme: Go to the chrome theme gallery on the right side of the chrome home page of your  web browser and select “theme” or you click the Google chrome menu box on the top right of your screen, you will see “settings” click on it, it will take you to select “Appearance” > “Get themes”
3.    Choose a theme: at this point, you have to make a choice, browse through the hundred and thousand of free available themes there and select the one that best attracted you.
4.    Click on a theme: having browsed through and find a particular theme that best suits you. Click on the theme to see an option to “Add to chrome”
5.    Wait for it: Once you click on the particular theme on the Google chrome free themes, and add to chrome, the theme will begin to download, wait for it to finish downloading process for few minutes. Once the theme has automatically downloaded to your computer, it will become your new theme for your Google Chrome.
Note: when your are selecting themes:
a.     You can click on the arrow at the top lift of the chrome them to sort themes by “Recommended, Popular, Trending or Rating
b.    You can also click on a theme to:
i.                   Read more concerning about the particular theme you want  to download
ii.                 To see what it would look like when downloading it
iii.              To like and rate it
iv.              To read some reviews and recommendation of chrome uses