Wednesday, 26 October 2016

How to change your Google Chrome theme

Theme is a way of beautifying the look of your Google environment. Theme gives it a beautiful look that makes it very attractive, entertaining and lovely looking.
Procedures to follow:
1.    Open your Google chrome browser; go to your computer and click to load your chrome
2.    To the Google chrome theme: Go to the chrome theme gallery on the right side of the chrome home page of your  web browser and select “theme” or you click the Google chrome menu box on the top right of your screen, you will see “settings” click on it, it will take you to select “Appearance” > “Get themes”
3.    Choose a theme: at this point, you have to make a choice, browse through the hundred and thousand of free available themes there and select the one that best attracted you.
4.    Click on a theme: having browsed through and find a particular theme that best suits you. Click on the theme to see an option to “Add to chrome”
5.    Wait for it: Once you click on the particular theme on the Google chrome free themes, and add to chrome, the theme will begin to download, wait for it to finish downloading process for few minutes. Once the theme has automatically downloaded to your computer, it will become your new theme for your Google Chrome.
Note: when your are selecting themes:
a.     You can click on the arrow at the top lift of the chrome them to sort themes by “Recommended, Popular, Trending or Rating
b.    You can also click on a theme to:
i.                   Read more concerning about the particular theme you want  to download
ii.                 To see what it would look like when downloading it
iii.              To like and rate it
iv.              To read some reviews and recommendation of chrome uses

Friday, 21 October 2016

How to use Google calculator

With the use of Google search engine, you can perform basic and complex mathematical calculations.
To use Google calculator follow the following guidelines:
1.   Go to Google homepage: Open a browser and go to, but if you are using Google chrome, there is no need of typing or you can use any search engine and set your preferred search engine to Google
2.   Enter your equation: at this point now enter whatever you wish to calculate and let Google solve your problem immediately.
3.   View your answer: After typing in your equation, hit the enter key or click search. In less than few seconds, Google will bring out your problem been solved. Check your answer at the top of your screen

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

How to hide friends in facebook

Facebook allows its users to have some privacy in some certain things they do in facebook. Facebook allow users to hide their friend list from view of others.
This feature is very nice in situation where you are not comfortable sharing your friend list to your friend or public view.
To hide your facebook friend list, follow the following guidelines:
1.   Log in to facebook account
2.   Open your profile page; once you logged in to your facebook account and go to your profile page
3.   Go to your friend list: click the “Friends” button underneath your cover photo, it automatically open a list of all your facebook friends
4.   Click on the “Pencil” button: you will see a little square button next to the “+Find Friends” button that looks like pencil. Once you drag your mouse pointer to it (the pencil button), you will see the name “manage” click on it to proceed.
5.   Select “Edit Privacy”; click on Edit privacy and once click, it will open a small window where you will edit your privacy options
6.   Select “Only Me”. Now if you want only you to see your friend list and you don’t want anyone to see the friends you have, select “Only Me” from the new window.

Monday, 17 October 2016

Managing saved passwords in Google Chrome

Google chrome has a built in password manager that manages all your log in saved password for you in case next time you are log in with the same account and password. It will automatically fill out log in forms for you. If you set and manage your saved password, anytime you are logging in to an internet account like Gmail, yahoo mail, facebook, twitter etc, chrome will automatically ask you if you want to save your password.
To do this, follow the following steps:

1.    Open you chrome
2.    Click on the “three line icon”. It is located at the top right corner of you Google chrome environment, click on it.
3.    Select “setting”. When you click on “three line icon” at the top right corner, a drop down menu will appear, select “setting” from the listed options in there to proceed to the next level
4.    Click on “show advanced settings”. Inside the setting, you will see “show advance settings” click on it.
5.    Navigate to “passwords and forms. Once you click on “password and form”, the page will expands
6.    You will see two tick boxes. One is for “Enable Autofil to fill out web forms in a single click” and another is for “Offer to save you web password”
7.    Tick the two  boxes to enable auto saved password and autofil out form for you
Things to know about this feature
a.     It helps to remember your password when you forget it. You can just click on the website and make the password visible to remember you forgotten password.
b.    Remember to click save your password at the bottom of your screen whenever you log in into a new account

Saturday, 15 October 2016

How to invite someone to chat in Gmail

Gmail is one of the most popular free email address in the world that is own and manage by Google. Google chrome is a web browser application owned by Google that give the opportunity for fast assessing of the internet.
Gmail offers a free mail account for sending and receiving electronic mail. As one normally chat with different kind of chatting network such as facebook, whatsapp etc, so do Gmail. You can use Gmail to chat instantly to your friends as long as they are online or you may decided to sent them offline message.
So in this particular post, we are going to see how we can use Gmail to chat. Follow the below steps

1.    Log in to your Gmail account: for you to begin, log in to your Gmail account. You can as well add your Gmail button to chrome
2.    Look for the chat bar on the right hand side. At the right side bar of your Gmail account, write the particular email address of the person you want to chat with.
3.    Click on “Invite to chat”. Once you  go to the right side bar and write the email address of your friend you want to  chat to, follow the right small arrow to click “Invite to chat”
4.    Once you click “Invite to chat”, the contact of the person you want to chat with will appear in the chat bar. But at this point, you cannot chat with the person until the “Invite to chat” is approved.
5.    After you friends approve your chat request, their user name will appear in the chat bar. When they are online, a green spot will appear beside their name indication that they are currently online and you can chat with them at that point in time, if they are offline, white spot will appear beside their name but if they are away an orange spot will appear beside their name.

Monday, 3 October 2016

How to add Gmail button to chrome browser

Gmail is one of the most popular free email address in the world that is own and manage by Google. Google chrome is a web browser application owned by Google that give the opportunity for fast assessing of the internet.
Having Gmail address that you always check frequently need to be assessed easily, any time you wish to assess your email address without the long process. So this is where the need to add the button to chrome is a short and easy way to assess and check your email. To do this, follow the following steps:
1.    Open your chrome web browser

2.    Type “Gmail for chrome”. In your chrome search areas, search for  “Gmail for chrome” in the Google search bar
3.    Click the “+ free” icon. Click on the “add to chrome” (i.e. the “+ free”) at the top right of the screen, beside “Send from Gmail (by Google)”
4.    Click on “Add”. When you click at the “add to chrome”, a confirm New Extension window will appear. It will allow additional access to your data by Gmail.