Thursday, 28 July 2016

How to change your preferred currency for payments in face-book account

You can select the type of currency you want to use to make payment and receive payment from face-book. And not all currency of the world are used in face-book for making payment and receiving, there are some acceptable currency in face-book as of the time of this post. So to choose the type of currency you want to use for payment in face-book, follow the following steps;

Ø Log in to facebook account
Ø Scroll to the bottom of any page
Ø Navigate and click on settings and privacy

Ø Click payments
Ø Click preferred currency
Ø Select your preferred currency and then
Ø Click save. That’s all.

And wait up to 72 hours mostly before you can change it again, maybe if you feel like changing it again

Sunday, 24 July 2016

How to customize your twitter profile

To customize your twitter profile is to edit, remove or change certain things in your bio data such as header, image, bio, name, location etc
     To customise your profile
        ·       Goto and sign in to your acccount

         ·       Goto your profile

         ·       Click edit profile button and you will be directed to do the following:
i.            Header photo
ii.          Profile photo
iii.        Name
iv.        Bio
v.          Location
vi.        Website
vii.      Theme color
viii.    Birthday
     ·       Tap into any of these areas you want ot edit and make your changes
         ·       Click save changes

How to add your birthday in twitter and selecct  who can view profile
Setting your birthday allow you to authomatically control who see your birth year, and who can see your birth day month in twitter
The following is what you can set:
      ·       Public: setting it public allow any one around the world to view your birthday profile
     ·       My followers: This allow people who follow you to view your birthday on twitter
    ·       People I fellow: only people whom you follow can view your birthday profile
     ·       Who follow each other: only people who follow you and whom you follow can view this information
      ·       Only me: only you can see your birth profile
Note: if you are under 18yrs your visibility setting is only you until you turn 18yrs
Now to edit your birthday and select your visibility follow the following:
     ·       Sign in to twittercom
     ·       Goto profile

    ·       Click edit profile

    ·       Tap the birthday section
     ·       Select your birth day, month and year
     ·       Review and change your birthday visibility settings. You will see two visibility setting (a) to control visibility of birthday year and (b) to control visibility of your birthday month and day. Click the visibility icon

     ·       Click save changes

How to remove my twitter birthday profile
You can remove your birthday profile using the following steps
     ·       Log in to your twitter account
    ·       Goto your profile and tap the edit profile
    ·       Change your birth day, month or year. Or click Remove birthday
    ·       Click save changes

Pin a tweet to your twitter profile
Pin is to add or attach your tweet to your profile so that when others visit your profile, it is the first tweet they will  view.

Follow the following steps;

    ·       Goto your profile  
    ·       Find the particular tweet you will like to pin
    ·       Click the “more icon” … or the “share icon”
    ·       Select “pin to your profile page”
    ·       Tap pin

To Un-pin a tweet

    ·       Goto your profile
    ·       Look for the tweet you desired to pin
    ·       Click “more icon” or “share icon”
    ·       Click un-pin from profile page
    ·       Click un-pin

Monday, 11 July 2016

Getting updates to your blog site

There are a lot of thing one can do with his or her blog. There are features that can help a blogger get more or be up to standard with the latest development or new upgrade in your blog. You can set your blog to update you with feature announcement, event or latest on your blog.

To get feature announcements, advice, and other information to help you get the most out of your blog, you need to  sign up for email updates.

To do this; follow the following guidelines. Am going to show you the guideline in two ways, one, the theoretical aspect of it and two graphical example to guild you through.
Now lets start:
v  Sign in to your blog and go to dashboard
v At the upper right, click Options
v Navigate to Edit User Settings.
v Under “Email Notifications," check "Feature Announcements."
v Click Save.
now see the above instructions in a graphical pix

To unsubscribe,uncheck“FeatureAnnouncements.”

v At the upper right, click Options
v Select Edit User Settings.
v Under “Email Notifications," check "Feature Announcements."
v Click Save.
To unsubscribe, unchecked “Feature Announcements.”

How to add google ads or any affliate ads in a middle of blog post

Placing your google ads or any other affiliate ads can be done anywhere in a blog post. Placing your ads is determined by you, you just need to think the best place to place your ads so as to attract the purpose of you placing it. Using blogger platform, you just have to do a little tweaking in your blog template to make ads show in the middle of any of your blog post.

The ability or creativity of placing your google ads or any other affiliate ads determine how it will be seen. And how you can make money from it. You can place your ads at the head of each post, middle of each post, left , right or bottom of you blog post.

To  place your ads in the middle of post can be done several ways, depends on the pattern you discovered, but here am focusing on two ways to place your ads in the middle of post.

     1.First, to place your ads in the middle you have to add the google ads code or any other affiliate ads code in the middle of each of your blog post. Using the HTML the write your post. If you don’t have idea of html, you can use the compose bottom to compose your blog, after that click HTML view your compose post in html, then create space in the middle of the post and  past the ads code in between.


·       Get your google ads code or any other affiliate ads code
·       Login to your blogger dashboard
·       Go to settings

·       Click posts and comments

·       Then click add next to Post Template

That's it, with this procedures, anytime you post any article, it will appear where you want it to be.

Help people find your blog

Everybody idea is to get traffics to your blog post, no one will have a site and remain happy if you don’t have any one reading your or visiting your blog post. This post is a simple trick I discovered that one can use to generate traffic to your site.
To help readers find your blog, allow search engines to list your blog.
Signin to blogger dashboard
v Select the blog to update.
v In the left menu, click Settings > Basic.

v In Privacy, click Edit.

v Select Yes for one or both options.
v Click Save changes.
Manage SEO in Blogger
You can manage the search engine preferences for your blog. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps increase traffic to your blog by making it show up higher in search results.
To manage SEO options:
Sign in to blogger dashboard
v Select the blog to manage SEO.
v In the left menu, select Settings > Search Preferences.
Note: If you use incorrect settings, your blog may not be found by search engines.