Monday, 11 July 2016

How to add google ads or any affliate ads in a middle of blog post

Placing your google ads or any other affiliate ads can be done anywhere in a blog post. Placing your ads is determined by you, you just need to think the best place to place your ads so as to attract the purpose of you placing it. Using blogger platform, you just have to do a little tweaking in your blog template to make ads show in the middle of any of your blog post.

The ability or creativity of placing your google ads or any other affiliate ads determine how it will be seen. And how you can make money from it. You can place your ads at the head of each post, middle of each post, left , right or bottom of you blog post.

To  place your ads in the middle of post can be done several ways, depends on the pattern you discovered, but here am focusing on two ways to place your ads in the middle of post.

     1.First, to place your ads in the middle you have to add the google ads code or any other affiliate ads code in the middle of each of your blog post. Using the HTML the write your post. If you don’t have idea of html, you can use the compose bottom to compose your blog, after that click HTML view your compose post in html, then create space in the middle of the post and  past the ads code in between.


·       Get your google ads code or any other affiliate ads code
·       Login to your blogger dashboard
·       Go to settings

·       Click posts and comments

·       Then click add next to Post Template

That's it, with this procedures, anytime you post any article, it will appear where you want it to be.