Sunday, 14 August 2016

Using Warble Alert to track what is happening in twitter at your convenience

Twitter is a wonderful social network that allow users to share out information know as tweet. Which enable users market information, business, what is happening in an environment. Millions of people share out different kinds of information on daily basis in twitter.
A lot of wonderful things do happen in twitter every minutes, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. And because of time sake and tight business schedules everyday has deprived many people the opportunities to be updated on what is happening around the world. So because of our business schedule and time sake, the need to apply solution to read those information in convenience time arises.
With Warble Alert network, it helps to do track keywords, phrases, #hashtags, and other updated information daily and help to read them at our convenience.
 With warble alert you can set actions to capture just what you want from who you want and combined with other tools get that content right into your normal work flow."
According to one the warble alert user he said “I use Warble for a variety of reasons from monitoring news in my neighborhood to keeping track of when my business is mentioned on Twitter as well as tracking competitor's and their customer engagement. Lastly, I use it to monitor for content that I'm interested in."
Another said: “As a fan of online search, I found Warble alerts to be an added bonus to the already useful Twitter searches I conduct on a regular basis. I like using Warble to stay on top of topics and discussion related to my clients, especially in its easily digestible “once a day” email format."
So to do this, follow the following steps:
·       First you must own a twitter account to begine.

·       Go to

·       Click on “sign up” button

·       Enter your twitter “Username or email” and “password”. When you click on signup button, it will lead to where you will sign in to your twitter, as to authorized your twitter information and to confirm that you are the owner of the twitter account.

·       Click on “authorize” to give “Warble” access to use your twitter performation. Note that “warble” will not use your private information such as your twitter password or your private messages or those you follow and followers

·       Enter “Email verification” > Warble Alert will ask to verify your email address.

> once you enter your email address, you will see message on the screen, telling you that  email verification has been sent to the email you provided. so go to your email box to verify

> go your email address you entered to verify. click the confirm email address.

> And once done your email verification click on "setup your first alert" 

>    Once you’ve verified your email address you can setup the criteria you want to be updating on eg: you may select soccer  and begin to receive awesome, automated, daily alerts based on your criteria setup.

this is it you are done. You can also  select and set up many criteria you want to be updated to always and save