Thursday, 11 August 2016

How to save video on facebook and watch it anytime

Video watching consume time. Some videos will even take the hole of your day; some videos are long while some are short depending on the types of the video.
There are a lot of wonderful things we can do with the use of your facebook account. Facebook is tool or social network for interaction, sharing ideas, making friend, finding your life partners. Many people today who are happily married are through the use of facebook while some also have been using facebook negatively. You can even use facebook to market your business and attract a lot of customers.
In this particular post, I will share some ideas in which I normally use to watch video, save it and even continue to where I stop next time I needed to watch it.
Saving your video on facebook will also help you to refer to that video at any point in time or even download it. It will also help when you are running out of data, out of power consumption or whatever. What video do we need to save? Most of the times you may get interested to watch a video posted on facebook by your friends or a particular live program you are watching. So the need to see it arises.
Below are the steps you can follow to save video your saw in facebook
1.  Log in to your facebook account
2.  If you see any video posted by your friends or people you are following.

3.  Click on the little symbol that looks like triangle shape. Click that shape
4.  Pop-down menu will appear

5.  Click saves.
This is how to save the video, and to watch it anytime;
1.  Log in to your face-book account

2.  Click on “activities” on your profile tab. In profile tab click on the small arrow that look like triangle shape
3.  In your “log activities” all the activities you do in face-book, you will see it including the video you saved and the date of the day you saved the video will be there.

4.  Click on the video to watch it.
That’s all.