Wednesday, 24 August 2016

How to customize your WhatsApp chat with wallpaper

Wallpaper is the background picture or object use in any user graphical interface. It is the image or object you will see on the main screen.
According to, “wallpaper is the monitor pattern or picture or other graphic representation that forms the background onto which all the icons, menus and other elements of the operating system are displayed and moved around”. While says “wallpaper is a kind of material used to cover and decorate the interior walls of homes, offices, cages, government buildings, etc”
WhatsApp chat wallpaper is the use of image or any other object to decorate your chat background. And for you to do this, you have to customized your chat background and select any type of picture you wish to use.  You can equally use your own picture to design your wahtsapp chat environment.
Note: for you to get started you must have your picture or image stored in your computer hard drive if you are using computer to whatsapp and if you are using phone, you must also have those pictures or a particular image you wish to use stored on your phone drive.
Now we have known a little bit of what whatsapp chat wallpaper is, let’s look at the process to achieve it.

1.    Open your WhatsApp > open your whatsapp application to bring the process.

2.    Go to chat tab and select any particular chat > once you load your whatsapp chat, click on any of your friend chat, as if you want to chat with someone.

3.    Click on option or if you are using android phone, click on “:” > once you open a chat to chat, click on option tab (:) at the top right corner of your chat screen.

4.    Click on wallpaper > when you click on option tab at the right top corner of your chat screen, a drop down menu will appear and inside the drop down menu, you will wallpaper click on it to continue

5.    Click on Gallery > once you click on wall paper, a window will display that give the option to click on gallery so as to choose your picture and if it is not on gallery, you will other options there to click and select your preferred picture the wallpaper.

6.    Arrange the picture or object > when you select your preferred picture, it will give you the opportunity to arrange the picture the way you want it to appear.

7.    Click on set > after arranging your picture the way you want, click set and it will automatically set. But if you change your mind that you don’t want to continue, you can also select cancel from there.
That’s all.