Friday, 12 August 2016

How to un-friend a friend in face-book

There are a lot of wonderful things we can do with the use of your face-book account. Face-book is tool or social network for interaction, sharing ideas, making friend, finding your life partners. Many people today who are happily married are through the use of face-book while some also have been using face-book negatively. You can even use face-book to market your business and attract a lot of customers.

Face-book is a platform/social network that can offer facebook users some amazing wonderful things. There are a lot you can do through facebook account.
Facebook has a feature that allow users to know exactly everything you have done in facebook starting from the day you created your facebook account, every post have ever made in facebook, all the like you receive from those things you uploaded in facebook and the people you friends upload you have also liked.
You can also know all the comment you have received from all your friends and comments you have ever made on people upload and wall.
Another wonderful thing about this feature is that it will tell you the date of all activities you made on facebook and the year of such activities.
In this particular post, I will state steps to unfriend a friend in your facebook account.
To unfriend a friend in facebook follow the following steps:

Ø Log in to your facebook account

Ø Click on profile tab

Ø On top of post area if you are using mobile phone  but if you are using desktop is beside "update infor"

Ø You will see “Activity Log”

Ø Click on it “[Activity Log]”

Ø You will see all actions in there, the date you became friend to all your friends, month and year. And other stuffs in there.

Ø Search for the particular friend you want to un-friend,

Ø Under the person name,
Ø Click “Unfriend” to remove the person as your friend.
That’s all.