Wednesday, 19 October 2016

How to hide friends in facebook

Facebook allows its users to have some privacy in some certain things they do in facebook. Facebook allow users to hide their friend list from view of others.
This feature is very nice in situation where you are not comfortable sharing your friend list to your friend or public view.
To hide your facebook friend list, follow the following guidelines:
1.   Log in to facebook account
2.   Open your profile page; once you logged in to your facebook account and go to your profile page
3.   Go to your friend list: click the “Friends” button underneath your cover photo, it automatically open a list of all your facebook friends
4.   Click on the “Pencil” button: you will see a little square button next to the “+Find Friends” button that looks like pencil. Once you drag your mouse pointer to it (the pencil button), you will see the name “manage” click on it to proceed.
5.   Select “Edit Privacy”; click on Edit privacy and once click, it will open a small window where you will edit your privacy options
6.   Select “Only Me”. Now if you want only you to see your friend list and you don’t want anyone to see the friends you have, select “Only Me” from the new window.