Friday, 30 September 2016

Using stumbleUpon to find high traffic blogs

Do you want to increase web trafficking through sending your link to other web blogs that has a high trafficking. How do we do it, let’s see how to find a high trafficking blogs using StumbleUpon.
Ø Create StumbleUpon account
Ø Go to StumbleUpon to download “StumbleUpon toolbar”
Ø Fill out your profile > select categories which relate to your business/niche
Ø Add friends > you can search you friends through email address or using the search box
Ø Go to StumbleUpon button and click settings
Ø Go to StumbleUpon tab and edit the setting for your stumblers
Ø Comment on relevant sites. You have to select sites that are relevant to you and comment on them
Ø Stumble sites you have commented on, vote for it. Why do you have to do this? because it will increase your blog traffic.

Friday, 23 September 2016

How to change your Gmail password

Why do we even want to change password for the first place? Changing password maybe as a result of suspicious login/hacking from another user or maybe your current password someone has discovered it or you don’t like your current password again and needed to change it. So whatever the reason maybe to change your Google account password, following the following steps:

1.    Log in to your Gmail account: open your browser window to login to your Gmail account; you will be prompted to fill in your user name and current password correctly.

2.    Click on the “gear icon”: this gear icon is located at the top right corner of your Gmail screen

3.    Select “Settings”: once you click on the “gear” icon, drop down menu will appear and you will see “Settings” in there. Click on it

4.    Select “Accounts and import”:  inside the setting clicked, setting drop menu will appear, click on “Account and import”

5.    Select “Change Password”: when you select change password, it will open a new small window called “My Account” where the changes will take place.
6.    Type in your current password correctly. Once you type in your current Gmail password correctly, click the tab key on your keyboard to navigate you to the next column or use your mouse to click on the next column.
7.    Type in a new password: when you are typing in a new password, you will see the strength of the password. To use a stronger password you can use letter, symbol and number (eg. power@27).
8.    Confirm your new password. Navigate to the next column and retype your new password to confirm that you known what you are doing.
9.    Click “change password” to save your new password. 

Monday, 19 September 2016

How to create group in whatsapp

Group creation is way of communicating to more than one friend at a time. Is like group discussions were everybody are interconnected to each other and can see each other opinion or chat in the group. Once you are on the group, you can share idea, interact to each other and pass information to each other.
To create group follow the following procedures:

1.    Open your whatsapp application on your phone

2.    Go to the chat tap

3.    If you are using android phone click on the three dot line at the top right side of your screen or click on option if you are using button phone.

4.    Click on “New group”. It will lead you to see all your whatsapp chat contact.

5.    Add contact: at this juncture, you have to at least select one contact to participate in your new group.

6.    Click “Next”. When you select at least on e contact or when you are through adding your friends contact for your new group, click next by click on the arrow at the bottom right of your screen.

7.    Add subject: type in your group subject, the name you want your group to bear

8.    Add group icon: click the camera tab before “type group subject here” you choose icon from gallery, camera or search web
9.    Click ok

Friday, 16 September 2016

How to add or remove an email address from your facebook account

Adding or removing your facebook email address, follow the steps below:

·       Sign in to your facebook account
·       Go to the last bottom of your facebook page
·       Click on “settings and Privacy”
·       Click “General
·       Click on email
·       Click Add email address, to add new one or click on “Remove” to delete your email from your account
·       Follow the remaining instructions to complete the process and save your changes.
Note: when you add new email, confirmation link will be sent to you via the new email address you added, so go to your email account and confirm you request for new email to be added to your facebook account, by clicking the link that will be sent to you via your new email address you added to your face-book account.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

How to delete your facebook messages permanently

Do you want to permanently delete your facebook messages or a particular conversation? So there is a feature in facebook that allow facebook user delete a particular message or entire message or conversation.
So to delete your facebook messages permanently, follow the following steps:
1.    Log in to your facebook account
2.    Click on the message icon
3.    Select the messages or conversation you want to delete
4.    Pop-up window will appear
5.    Click on the gear icon
6.    Select the “see full conversation
7.    Click on the drop down menu call “Actions”
8.    Click on “Delete messages”
9.    Select the message you want to delete, by ticking the box next to the message you want to delete
10.                 Press delete

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

How you can add twitter to your blog site

Twitter is a wonderful social network that must organization, business men, bloggers, student etc uses to share and advertise their business or organization. Bloggers uses it as a way of exposing their blog site and at the end generate traffic from it. So twitter is very important social network that allow message inform tweets of 140 characters or less. Twitter has also given the opportunity for bloggers to use twitter in their different blog site to tweets.
So how can a blogger or website owner add twitter to his site?
Steps to follow are:
1. You must own your blog site
2. Log in to your twitter account: log in to your twitter account to begin. And if you don’t have one, you can create a free account at

4. Click on “Resources”:find the twitter box and click on “Resources” and it will take you to “Buttons, widget logos and more”
5. On the “Widgets option, click on “My website”
6. Customize your profile widget page
7. Click “Test” or “finish and Grab code”: this will lead you to generate code you will use on your site.

8. Copy the entire code: make sure you highlight and copy every code and don’t miss any of it.
9. Open a new window in your browser
10.     Log in to your blog site
11.     Go to your dashboard
12.     Choose the area you want your twitter to appear
13.      navigate to layout

14. click on "Add gadget" 

     15. past the code: new window will appear, past the code you copied inside the box window.

      16. click save: once you past the code in there, look below the box down to click on save.

That is all you can preview your blog.

Blogger Auto post to facebook and twitter

Blogging without reading makes no meaning. No one is happy when there are no visitors to their blog post. It is the idea of every blogger to generate more and more traffic to their blog site. A lot of people have use face-book and twitter to generate a lot visitor to their blog post.

In this particular post, I will tell you how to auto post to face-book and twitter using to auto post your article to facebook and twitter. Any time you post any article, will automatically post the article to facebook and twitter immediately. network is a social media for auto posting to facebook and twitter and other social media like pinterest but you need to upgrade to premium to use pinterest.
          Steps to follow
1.    Open your browser

2.    Go to

3.    Sign in to your account or click on sign up

4.    Click “Add Route”: once you log in to your account in, go to “automate” tab and click on “Add Route” to proceed.

5.    Enter your blog url and click “Find feeds” button

6.    Click on the “+” icon. Once after you enter blog url or feed url in the box and you click find feed button, allow a feed to be detected before clicking on the “+” icon

7.    Click “Add”.  At this point, add the social network you want to be auto posting to, you can add facebook and twitter

Monday, 12 September 2016

How to know the date of my Gmail account creation date

How to know the date of my Gmail account creation date
Gmail is offers a free mail account for sending and receiving electronic mail. Majority of Gmail user do not know exactly when they opened it. So without many words, below are the step by step ways to determine when your Gmail account was created.

   2. Click “create an archieve
   3.  On the next page, click the Edit link against the Google+ circle option and then click the link that says “Transfer your Google+ connections to another account

   4. Google will once again require your account password. After you have sign in again, you will see the account creation date at the top.

How to customize my BlogSpot icon

BlogSpot allow bloggers to change the default BlogSpot icon to your own define icon. Icon is a logo that represents an organization or business brand.

·       Log in to BlogSpot dashboard
·       Click on layout
·       Click on the Edit link on the “Favicon”
·       A popup window will open
·       Click on Browse button and search for the image or object that you want to use to replace the BlogSpot icon
·       Select the image and click “saves.” 

Sunday, 11 September 2016

How to know everything you have ever done in your facebook account

Facebook is a platform/social network that can offer facebook users some amazing wonderful things. There are a lot you can do through facebook account.
Facebook has a feature that allow users to know exactly everything you have done in facebook starting from the day you created your facebook account, every post have ever made in facebook, all the like you receive from those things you uploaded in facebook and the people you friends upload you have also liked.

You can also know all the comment you have received from all your friends and comments you have ever made on people upload and wall.

Another wonderful thing about this feature is that it will tell you the date of all activities you made on facebook and the year of such activities.

You can also edit those activities you made in facebook, by the way of deleting them, unlike those you have liked, hide those upload you made public view etc.

So, to know exactly everything you have done in facebook , follow the following guidelines

1.  Log in to your facebook account
2.  Click on profile tab
3.  On top of post area,
4.  You will see “Activity Log”
5.  Click on it “[Activity Log]”
6.  When it open, you will see all your actions you have took in facebook, the year for that activity, date and month.
That’s all

How to delete my over-blog

One may decide to delete his over-blog free account or want to change to another platform entirely; the need to know the process to delete it becomes relevant to you.

Over-blog is a platform that allows users to blog or allow user to have a free account for blogging unlike or etc. so over-blog is one of the free blog site that one can also use to blog. This particular platform is only good for those who intention in blogging is to only blog and not intention of using it to make money like monetizing your blog unless you are using the premium option. It does not allow user to monetize their blog like blogspot platform do.
In this particular post, the following steps are guide to delete your over-blog account.

1. Open your web browser

2. Log in to your over-blog account: using your email address and password.

3. Go to your dashboard

4. Navigate to Settings > from settings go to  “Page”  
5. Select on General options,

6. click on “Please delete my page.” You will receive an email with a link to confirm your choice. you will state reason why you want to delete your account.

WARNING: You won’t be able to reactivate the blog or recover your content.
Only the owner is allowed to delete the blog

How to change my facebook name

Do you want to change your facebook name to another name or want to add another name to, this post is relevant to you
To change your facebook name, follow the following guidelines;

1.    Login to your facebook account
2.    Scroll to bottom of facebook
3.    Click on “setting and privacy”
4.    Click on general  > Name
5.    Enter your name and click “Review changes
6.    Enter  your password and click “save changes
               How to add another name
1.    Click profile
2.    Click about
3.    Scroll down and click Add a nickname, birth name ……..
4.    Select the types of name you want to add below  “Name Type”
5.    Enter your other name
6.    Click show at top of profile to have your other name listed on your profile
7.    Clicks save.

Saturday, 10 September 2016

How to add stumbleupon button on chrome

stumbleUpon is a site that helps bloggers to discover and stumbleUpon other people blog site of the same or similar interest to you. So without many words, below is how you can summit your site/blog to StumbleUpon.

The question is why do you need to add your site to your browser? It is because, it help for easy usage of Stumbleupon, and also help to easy navigate and stumble on other stumblers of stumbleupon users and like, review and at the same help stumblers stumble upon your own sites etc.

Below are the steps to follow in adding your stumbleupon button site on chrome:

1.    Open your chrome search window

2.    Type “StumbleUpon chrome button”

3.    Click “Add to chrome” in the top right of the StumbleUpon button screen

4.    Confirm that you want to add the extension to chrome
5.    After installation, scroll down and check “Enabled” next to the StumbleUpon button

6.    Anytime you navigate to the a site or blog you want to share to StumbleUpon in Chrome

7.    Click on the “red” circle on the top right hand side, which is logo of StumbleUpon.
8.    Click “like” to add a like to the page on StumbleUpon