Saturday, 10 September 2016

How to add stumbleupon button on chrome

stumbleUpon is a site that helps bloggers to discover and stumbleUpon other people blog site of the same or similar interest to you. So without many words, below is how you can summit your site/blog to StumbleUpon.

The question is why do you need to add your site to your browser? It is because, it help for easy usage of Stumbleupon, and also help to easy navigate and stumble on other stumblers of stumbleupon users and like, review and at the same help stumblers stumble upon your own sites etc.

Below are the steps to follow in adding your stumbleupon button site on chrome:

1.    Open your chrome search window

2.    Type “StumbleUpon chrome button”

3.    Click “Add to chrome” in the top right of the StumbleUpon button screen

4.    Confirm that you want to add the extension to chrome
5.    After installation, scroll down and check “Enabled” next to the StumbleUpon button

6.    Anytime you navigate to the a site or blog you want to share to StumbleUpon in Chrome

7.    Click on the “red” circle on the top right hand side, which is logo of StumbleUpon.
8.    Click “like” to add a like to the page on StumbleUpon