Sunday, 11 September 2016

How to change my facebook name

Do you want to change your facebook name to another name or want to add another name to, this post is relevant to you
To change your facebook name, follow the following guidelines;

1.    Login to your facebook account
2.    Scroll to bottom of facebook
3.    Click on “setting and privacy”
4.    Click on general  > Name
5.    Enter your name and click “Review changes
6.    Enter  your password and click “save changes
               How to add another name
1.    Click profile
2.    Click about
3.    Scroll down and click Add a nickname, birth name ……..
4.    Select the types of name you want to add below  “Name Type”
5.    Enter your other name
6.    Click show at top of profile to have your other name listed on your profile
7.    Clicks save.