Friday, 30 September 2016

Using stumbleUpon to find high traffic blogs

Do you want to increase web trafficking through sending your link to other web blogs that has a high trafficking. How do we do it, let’s see how to find a high trafficking blogs using StumbleUpon.
Ø Create StumbleUpon account
Ø Go to StumbleUpon to download “StumbleUpon toolbar”
Ø Fill out your profile > select categories which relate to your business/niche
Ø Add friends > you can search you friends through email address or using the search box
Ø Go to StumbleUpon button and click settings
Ø Go to StumbleUpon tab and edit the setting for your stumblers
Ø Comment on relevant sites. You have to select sites that are relevant to you and comment on them
Ø Stumble sites you have commented on, vote for it. Why do you have to do this? because it will increase your blog traffic.