Sunday, 4 September 2016

4 ways How to add friends on StumbleUpon

Using StumbleUpon, you can share ideas, information with other people website of the same or similar interest.
Why do we need to add friends and make friends on StumbleUpon because is a way to find and discover more relevant sites and in return you can get more traffic across the globe to your website.
Here you can add friends in four ways
        1.    Add friends using email
Ø Log in to your StumblerUpon account or sign up
      Ø From your profile click on the stumblers tab
      Ø Click on the “Invite Friends” on the right hand side
      Ø Type in your friend email address and optional message of invitation
     Ø Click on “Send Now” button to invites your friends
      2.    Add your friends on facebook:
     Ø From your StumbleUpon profile
     Ø Click on the stumblers tab
     Ø Click on the “Invite Friends” on the right hand side    
     Ø Under the “Post on Invite to”
     Ø Click on the facebook link, window will appear that will allow you to past StumbleUpon link to your wall so that facebook friends and read it.
      Ø Click on Publish
     3.    Add friends from the twitter
Ø On your stumbleUpon profile
Ø Click on “Invite Friends” tab at the button right
Ø Under the “Post on invite to” section
Ø Click on the twitter link
Ø Pop-up window will appear that will allow you to post the StumbleUpon link to your twitter feed
Ø Click on “tweet” to publish
      4.    Add friends from StumbleUpon menbers profiles
·       On your StumbleUpon profile
·       At the button right, click on the “Visitor” link
·       Click on the green  box to begin searching and stumble upon members profile
·       On other “Stumblers” profile
·       Click on the green “fellow” button to add them as friends
·       Bellow “Follow” button
·       Click on the “meet another Stumbler”