Wednesday, 7 September 2016

How to blog with facebook

Blogging is a way of updating and sharing ideas to people and a way of expressing your talent, helping people and solving people problem by the way of sharing ideas that may be up help to people.
Blogging in facebook is a wonderful way to market your blog post to all your facebook friends, friends, those you are following or those who follow you. It involve the use of links of your blog post, you posted on your blog.
Everybody idea is to get traffics to your blog post, no one will have a site and remain happy if you don’t have any one reading your or visiting your blog post. This post is a simple trick I discovered that one can use to generate traffic to your site.
        To blog on facebook, follow the following steps:
1. Open your web browser. Open the browser so as to log in to your site and obtain the blog for blogging in facebook.
2. Go to your blog website and login. When you open your browser, type in your blog url at the browser address bar. For instance if you are using blogger, go to to login to your dashboard or just type in at the browser bar the particular post you want to blog with.
3. Access the post you want to blog with: at this point; find the particular post you wish to blog in your facebook account.

4. Copy the blog url, at the address bar: at the address bar you will find the url of the particular post you want to blog with, highlight and copy
5. Log in to your facebook account: open another tab in your browser and login to your facebook account
6. Click on “Home or Profile tab”
7. Access the update Status box: navigate to status box with your mouse pointer
8. Past the link url of the blog post you copied in the Update Status box
9. Click on the “Post” button at the bottom right: when you click the update status box and past the url you copied from your site, look beneath status box, you will see “post” click on it to post your blog url.

10.               You are good to go. With this process, your face-book friends can now see your link of the blog post you posted to your facebook. Once they click on the url you posted, it will automatically redirect them to your blog site.
11.               That’s all.