Tuesday, 13 September 2016

How you can add twitter to your blog site

Twitter is a wonderful social network that must organization, business men, bloggers, student etc uses to share and advertise their business or organization. Bloggers uses it as a way of exposing their blog site and at the end generate traffic from it. So twitter is very important social network that allow message inform tweets of 140 characters or less. Twitter has also given the opportunity for bloggers to use twitter in their different blog site to tweets.
So how can a blogger or website owner add twitter to his site?
Steps to follow are:
1. You must own your blog site
2. Log in to your twitter account: log in to your twitter account to begin. And if you don’t have one, you can create a free account at www.twitter.com

4. Click on “Resources”:find the twitter box and click on “Resources” and it will take you to “Buttons, widget logos and more”
5. On the “Widgets option, click on “My website”
6. Customize your profile widget page
7. Click “Test” or “finish and Grab code”: this will lead you to generate code you will use on your site.

8. Copy the entire code: make sure you highlight and copy every code and don’t miss any of it.
9. Open a new window in your browser
10.     Log in to your blog site
11.     Go to your dashboard
12.     Choose the area you want your twitter to appear
13.      navigate to layout

14. click on "Add gadget" 

     15. past the code: new window will appear, past the code you copied inside the box window.

      16. click save: once you past the code in there, look below the box down to click on save.

That is all you can preview your blog.