Monday, 19 September 2016

How to create group in whatsapp

Group creation is way of communicating to more than one friend at a time. Is like group discussions were everybody are interconnected to each other and can see each other opinion or chat in the group. Once you are on the group, you can share idea, interact to each other and pass information to each other.
To create group follow the following procedures:

1.    Open your whatsapp application on your phone

2.    Go to the chat tap

3.    If you are using android phone click on the three dot line at the top right side of your screen or click on option if you are using button phone.

4.    Click on “New group”. It will lead you to see all your whatsapp chat contact.

5.    Add contact: at this juncture, you have to at least select one contact to participate in your new group.

6.    Click “Next”. When you select at least on e contact or when you are through adding your friends contact for your new group, click next by click on the arrow at the bottom right of your screen.

7.    Add subject: type in your group subject, the name you want your group to bear

8.    Add group icon: click the camera tab before “type group subject here” you choose icon from gallery, camera or search web
9.    Click ok