Friday, 23 September 2016

How to change your Gmail password

Why do we even want to change password for the first place? Changing password maybe as a result of suspicious login/hacking from another user or maybe your current password someone has discovered it or you don’t like your current password again and needed to change it. So whatever the reason maybe to change your Google account password, following the following steps:

1.    Log in to your Gmail account: open your browser window to login to your Gmail account; you will be prompted to fill in your user name and current password correctly.

2.    Click on the “gear icon”: this gear icon is located at the top right corner of your Gmail screen

3.    Select “Settings”: once you click on the “gear” icon, drop down menu will appear and you will see “Settings” in there. Click on it

4.    Select “Accounts and import”:  inside the setting clicked, setting drop menu will appear, click on “Account and import”

5.    Select “Change Password”: when you select change password, it will open a new small window called “My Account” where the changes will take place.
6.    Type in your current password correctly. Once you type in your current Gmail password correctly, click the tab key on your keyboard to navigate you to the next column or use your mouse to click on the next column.
7.    Type in a new password: when you are typing in a new password, you will see the strength of the password. To use a stronger password you can use letter, symbol and number (eg. power@27).
8.    Confirm your new password. Navigate to the next column and retype your new password to confirm that you known what you are doing.
9.    Click “change password” to save your new password.