Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Blogger Auto post to facebook and twitter

Blogging without reading makes no meaning. No one is happy when there are no visitors to their blog post. It is the idea of every blogger to generate more and more traffic to their blog site. A lot of people have use face-book and twitter to generate a lot visitor to their blog post.

In this particular post, I will tell you how to auto post to face-book and twitter using ww.dlvr.it to auto post your article to facebook and twitter. Any time you post any article, dlvr.it will automatically post the article to facebook and twitter immediately. Dlvr.it network is a social media for auto posting to facebook and twitter and other social media like pinterest but you need to upgrade to premium to use pinterest.
          Steps to follow
1.    Open your browser

2.    Go to www.dlvr.it

3.    Sign in to your account or click on sign up

4.    Click “Add Route”: once you log in to your account in dlvr.it, go to “automate” tab and click on “Add Route” to proceed.

5.    Enter your blog url and click “Find feeds” button

6.    Click on the “+” icon. Once after you enter blog url or feed url in the box and you click find feed button, allow a feed to be detected before clicking on the “+” icon

7.    Click “Add”.  At this point, add the social network you want to be auto posting to, you can add facebook and twitter