Monday, 22 August 2016

How to backup your whats-app chat with your email address

Back-up is a way of saving  or preserving your information against sudden occurrence that may happen knowing or otherwise.
It is very important to always have a backup in everything you do. If you are using whatsapp, anything can happen, you may even delete your account unknowingly, phone having problem, accidental loss or damage to your phone. So the need to back it up becomes necessary.
Backup your whatsapp chat or data involves the use of Google Drive or a local backup, it runs automatically and save your database files in a particular folder in your phone every 2 am.
What is Google Drive and did work? As the name implies, it is own by and you can back up your chats and files to Google Drive, so that whenever you change phone, loss your phone whatever, you can login to your email and transfer those chats and media you saved back to your phone.
Note: when you are using Google Drive backup,
                                                    i.            You must have enough space in your phone
                                                  ii.                 You must have Google Play service installed in your phone
                                                iii.            You must have Google account (gmail)
                                                iv.            Your Google Drive account must have enough space
                                                 v.            Your device must be synced with Google Drive
                                  vi.            When you are backing up your first backup, it may take a little while to process and if you don’t have enough charged battery, connect your phone to power source.
                                               vii.            Any time you are backing up to Google Drive, the previous backups will be overwritten.
Now having known some of the rules governing backup to Google Drive, let’s go straight to “how to backup your data using Google Drive.
Steps to follow:

1.     Go to your phone tap whatsapp. Open your whatsApp application in your phone to begin the process.

2.     Go to menu by click on ”at the top right of your screen, as you can see it above  if you are using android phone. Inside menu, you will see New Group, New broadcast, whatsapp web, starred messages, status and setting.

3.     Click on Settings > in settings you will see your profile status, account, chats, notification, data usage, about and help and contacts.

4.     Click on chats . when you click on chat menu,  will displays  font size, wallpaper, chat backup and chat history

5.     Select chat backup. It will take you to menu  were you will start to backup your data

6.     Click on “Backup to Google Drive”. You will see back up to Google Drive account, Backup over and include video, tick on the video box to select also media in backing up

7.     Select account or add account. Here you have to select your email account or you click add account to enter your gmail account and password to proceed backing up,

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