Friday, 5 August 2016

2 ways to know when you created your face-book account

Is good to know when something happened. It is very important know when you created your face-book account for personal knowing sake.

If you want to know when you created your face-book, especially those who has been in face-book for many years. You can know you face-book creation date in two ways. You can discover other ways by which you know when to detect when you created your face-book account. But here am going to show you two ways I discovered, you can use to know your face-book creation date.

Note that this two method am about to show you do not guarantee you to know the particular date of your face-book creation date but it will tell you the year of the creation precisely also the month.

Now lets look at the two method
      1. Message method
v Log in to your face book account

v Nevigate to chat

v Search for old messages/chats
v Continue until the last message
v Check the date of the message, the message comes most the day, week, or month of the day you create the facebook account. You will see the date of the message and year.
This is the first method to know when you created your facebook account.

      2. Profile picture method
·       Log in to facebook account

·       Click on your profile picture

·       Nevigate to the last picture

·       Click on it and you will see the date on the picture
    This will be either the day you created facebook or the month. But this particuly method somethings tells you the exact date of the creation. Unless you have deleted the first profile picture you uploaded