Monday, 11 July 2016

Help people find your blog

Everybody idea is to get traffics to your blog post, no one will have a site and remain happy if you don’t have any one reading your or visiting your blog post. This post is a simple trick I discovered that one can use to generate traffic to your site.
To help readers find your blog, allow search engines to list your blog.
Signin to blogger dashboard
v Select the blog to update.
v In the left menu, click Settings > Basic.

v In Privacy, click Edit.

v Select Yes for one or both options.
v Click Save changes.
Manage SEO in Blogger
You can manage the search engine preferences for your blog. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps increase traffic to your blog by making it show up higher in search results.
To manage SEO options:
Sign in to blogger dashboard
v Select the blog to manage SEO.
v In the left menu, select Settings > Search Preferences.
Note: If you use incorrect settings, your blog may not be found by search engines.