Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Editing Face-Book Language Specific Name

Editing Face-Book Language Specific

How to use language specific names. The name “Language is the name you use to sign-up for your face-book account, translated into other language.
To add language specific
To add a language specific, do the following
·       Click setting and privacy
·       Goto general and click Name
·       Click add or change your language-specific name
·       Enter your name as it appears in another language in the name space
·       Click on save, to save your changes
How To Delete Language Specific Name
·       Click setting and privacy
·       Click General and click on “Name”
·       Click Add or Change your Language-specific
·       Enter your name as it appears in another language in the name field
·       Click on “Delete your Language-specific name.
·       Enter your password
·       Save changes.

Trouble in changing language specific name?

If you are having difficulties in adding name, it might be because;
·       Characters from multiple languagues
·       Symbols, numbers, unsual capitalization, repeating character or evern “punctuations
·       Titles of any kind
·       Words of phrasses in place of a middle name, offencive or suggestive words of any kind
Tips to note for your name adding name
·       Use name your friends do call you
·       Nicknames can be used as middle name or first
·       You can also list an adding names
·       Profiles are for individual use only

·       Acting to be  another one else is not allowed in face-book. Is against face-book rules.