Sunday, 19 June 2016


Do you want to go into blogging? If yes, this article are for you. To start a blog, there are  several blog site you can use/sign-up to blog for free, such as,, over-blog, wix, etc, which you can sign up for free.
But in this post, I will focus my attention on you signing up with which is own by google. Are you ready now. First of all, you must have a google email account to start with.
i.                    Go to and sign up
ii.                  Choose your unique name you want to use (URL address) and fill out the necessary form in there.
iii.                Follow all the instructions in there.
iv.                Once you are through Click Create blog. Go to your dashboard and do some design in their, changing you template and customizing it to you test.
If you already own a blog and want to start a new blog, simple do the following:
1.         At the top left, click New Blog.
2.         In the dialogue that appears, enter a name or the main title for your blog.
3.         Choose a blog address (URL). This will be used by readers to view your blog.
4.         Once you have a blog name and address, choose a template.
5.         Click Create blog 
FIND YOUR URL of blog 
To find your URL blog
1. Sign in to your blog
i. On the blog you want to find the URL for, click on “View Blog”
ii. Look up, the URL is in the address bar, at the top of your browser.
Or you can follow the below step if you are already in dashboard of your blog
From your dashboard
i.                    Sign in to blogger.
ii.                  Click on your blog.
iii.                Click Settings ;
iv.                Click "Basic > Publishing.

v.                  The URL is in Blog Address.